Missouri Mask Mandate to Protect Our Citizens and Keep Businesses and Schools Open

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I’m a nurse who works for a large health system in KC that has had to divert ambulances due to our hospitals being full. Many of the patients in our hospitals have COVID-19 from rural communities without mask mandates.

Hospitals across all of Missouri and Kansas are full and don’t have enough nurses to care for the influx of patients. This week Iowa announced they have no available hospital beds and in MO we are not far behind. Flu season is just starting and the holidays are coming up. Health experts predict hospitalizations will continue to rise as a result. Without available beds and nurses, patients who seek hospitalization for COVID-19 and other medical issues such as heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, surgeries that require overnight hospitalization etc. will need to go to another state or manage the best they can at home.

Masks have been proven in numerous studies to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In order to keep our businesses and schools open and have available beds and nurses in our hospitals to care for COVID and non-COVID patients, Missouri needs a mask mandate.

Please sign this petition to tell Governor Parson we need a mask mandate now to keep our economy going, prevent our hospitals from being overrun and keep our Missouri friends, neighbors and loved ones safe.