Clemency for #ErnestJohnson

As we are in the eleventh hour of the Life of Ernest Lee Thompson, I am moved to see support still coming in. This is true Hope. I would like to bring to everyone's attention that Govenor Parson has made October DISABILITY AND HISTORY AWARENESS month and has issue the accompanying Resource Guide. Will Ernest Lee Thompson make history by being the first executed disabled man in Missouri. Does not look like the month is off to a good start. On the cover of this Guide (available online as a PDF) there is a quote on the cover: IF YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE HAVE NO HISTORY WORTH MENTIONING, IT'S EASY TO BELIEVE THEY HAVE NO HUMANITY WORTH DEFENDING. (William Loren Katz) If a disabled man can "disappear", what hope is there for the rest of us disabled persons? If Ernest Lee Thompson should be killed today, God rest his soul and those of his victims. For those who live and support this cause, I would suggest a vigil on Missouri State Capitol Hill which will be lit up in mourning purple tonight. This is for Alzheimer's people, but I am sure they will not mind sharing the spotlight with another mentally afflicted person, namely Ernest Lee Thompson.

2 months ago
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