Let the Starlite Drive-In in Amelia, Ohio Open

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The Starlite Drive-In is a summer staple in Southwest Ohio for good family fun. While other businesses that allow people to be in close contact are allowed to open, the Drive-In is still closed. This seems illogical in the fact that social distancing is easily observed in every situation the drive-in presents. Food lines, public restroom usage (you can use public restrooms at WalMart and other places), and especially during the movie where you are either in or near your vehicle. You could quite literally go to the movie and never leave your car, as they allow you to bring in food for a surcharge, and they have an online ticketing system.

That said, following existing guidelines is quite possible and as easily achievable as it is in other businesses, in some cases more so. 

Opening the Starlite and other drive-ins would provide a much needed outlet for families and communities and would support local businesses that are a deep part of their communities.