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Investigate the case of David John vs. Megan Marie Bolinder

David John is a father fighting to save his son Isaiah from an abusive home - pitted against a family using their power and influence in small-town Arkansas to effect an outcome that has grave consequences for father and son. At virtually every turn of this case, there have been unexpected and sometimes inexplicable twists - such as Ms. Bolinder's medical records being sealed so that even the court-appointed psychologist was not allowed to review them (highly unusual in case concerning child custody). This case has implications not only for David and his son Isaiah, but for the civil rights of all Americans seeking justice in a country deemed by most to be the fairest in the world. Arkansas governor Mike Beebe needs to launch an investigation into J. David John vs. Megan Marie Bolinder - Benton County Case DR 2010 - 1327-6, specifically exploring why Judge Douglas Schranz allowed Ms. Bolinder's medical records to be sealed in a case concerning child custody, and willful discrimination and prejudice against Mr. John - a person of East Indian descent.

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