Don't Give MLG more Power! Say NO to mandatory testing and surveillance!

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This winter we all witnessed Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s dangerous lockdown policy that attacked essential businesses, and threatened New Mexico’s food supply.  National news outlets reported on New Mexico’s “modern day breadlines,” with photos and videos capturing families waiting for hours, some in inclement weather, with many going home empty handed due to panic buying.

We have also seen MLG keep schools closed throughout the state despite dozens of studies using data from other states and countries showing that it is safe to open them. We know that transmission of the virus among children is very low.

Media, elected officials, petitioners, and community members have raised an outcry at the insanity of these two policies. The good news is that MLG has relented under immense public pressure, and has given essential businesses and schools a path to re-open. 

The bad news, however, is that MLG will has only agreed to reopening essential businesses and schools if thousands of frontline workers and teachers, give up more of their remaining rights and dignity.  That’s right.  If you want your stores and schools back --- our family members and community have to pay the price. 

To reopen, ALL store employees and teachers must submit to mandatory invasive testing and tracking.  This is MLG’s price.  MLG is pretending this program is “voluntary.” In reality, the choice to opt into the program is only voluntary for the head of each company or school district, the employees have no choice. So if you are an essential employee or teacher that wants to go back to work without threat of closure, your employer MUST participate in this program.  And she's even forcing employers and schools to pay for the testing themselves!

And grocery store employees and teachers, whose jobs have been stressful enough this year, are only the first step. MLG wants ALL OF US to be subjected to forced testing and tracking. But don’t take my word for it. She said exactly this in a recent press conference:

Do we give in to MLG’s demands?  We Say No!  Let’s show our support for the most vulnerable among us.  Let’s send a message by doubling the outcry over this too-heavy price of getting our grocery stores and schools back! Please sign and share this petition, contact your employers, and state representatives today!