Help Me Stop Capital Punishment Against Demetrius Ulyesses Roberson

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Your probably wondering who am I? And how did I get where I am ? PRISON Well I'll answer that I'm a 23 year old father, husband, son,nephew and brother I'm originally from Flint Michigan. I've been considered disabled since I was 2 years old I've never really experienced a normal life due to my disability. I rely on my family for guidance and assistance daily. I wasn't able to walk until I was 3yrs old and not able to talk until I was 8 years old. But if you look at me I look fairly normal you would never be able to tell that I'm disabled. However I'm often reminded that I'm different I've been called retarded, slow and dumb when I don't do what others want me to. I've manage to blend in with others my age by growing dreads and getting tattoos. I was an IEP student up until I graduated in 2013 from Lighthouse Academy in Bowling Green KY which is a school for disabled individuals which makes me far from normal. Everyday is a struggle for me in 2014 I was manipulated into committing a crime which was my first mistake and I was sentenced to 10 years flat for a non violent crime. I'm currently in prison now for the choices I made 4 years ago. There isn't a day that I don't regret what happened and wish that I can take it back. Since I've been incarcerated I've been accussed of committing another crime and indicted on 14 charges that I didn't do along with my co defendant from 4 years ago I havent had any communication or contact with him since we were ordered not to communicate in 2014. Which makes it impossible that I could have committed this crime with him. Even though I'm disabled it has been completely ignored by the State of Kentucky. The Commonwealth is recommending the death penalty for me. There are three other individuals that are charged along with me they are older yet I'm the only one that they are recommending Capital Punishment for. The system has completely failed me I never missed a court date I did everything that was asked of me yet I'm here I'm in Prison. The detective on the case hasnt attempted to contact my family in regards to my where abouts on the night in question. Recently my family has became a local target they are constantly receiving death threats my wife has been ran off the road twice in the past month yet no one wants to take her police report. She has taken every measure even going to the majors office to only be told that she can't file the report and even threaten to be taken to jail. My attorney hasn't provided me with any documentation showing why I'm charged. I have questioned several of my charges one being that I was a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. I wasn't a convicted felon in 2016 I just became one when I was sentenced on 1/23/2017. When asked he just constantly states that the Commonwealth is convinced that they have the right person. I had to find out in court that my case was going to be trialed as a Capital case in front of others. My lawyer never informed me of this prior he stated it was a decision that him and the Commonwealth made I was not aware of any of this. I received a mental evaluation November 2017and it was suggested that I was faking. However you can't fake a disability that you've had since you was two years old but this was determined without reviewing my medical records or social security records. I have yet to be provided a second opinion as far as my mental evaluation. Me and my family needs your help to prevent the State of Kentucky from moving forward with recommending the death penalty. I Am Demetrius Ulyesses Roberson