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Petitioning Oklahoma Parole and Pardon Board

Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Parole and Pardon Board: Grant clemency to Mr. Anthony Banks

Mr. Anthony Banks, 61 years old, has been condemned to death for a crime he committed in June 1979, at the age of 27.

On May 21st of this year, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his last appeal and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals gave him a date of execution.

Mr. Banks is scheduled to die by lethal injection on September 10th 2013.


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Letter to
Oklahoma Parole and Pardon Board
Subject: Clemency for Anthony Banks

(Place and date)

Ladies and Gentlemen, / Dear Governor Mary Fallin,

Mr. Anthony Banks has been condemned to die by lethal injection by the State of Oklahoma. His execution is scheduled on September 10th 2013.

Keeping in mind the crime that Mr. Banks committed and the suffering of the victim´s family, I still believe that the death penalty is a cruel, inhumane and inappropriate punishment, even in Mr Banks´ case.

Through the past decades, it has been proven that the death penalty is no deterrent. Indeed, the criminality rate has even decreased in most of the States where the death penalty has been abolished.

Moreover, the risk of executing an innocent will always remain. We have already seen the cases of executed inmates, who have been, afterwards, declared innocent. The numbers of exonerees, through all the United States, clearly show that innocent people have been condemned to death.

For all those reasons, I, as a (your nationality) citizen, oppose the execution of Mr. Anthony Banks and the application of the death penalty in all case.

I respectfully ask you to commute Mr. Banks´ death sentence.

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