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Stop the Illegal kidnapping of children by state CPS agencies

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Children are being stolen by state CPS agencies so that they can collect the Title IV funding from the Social Security Administration. I want justice for what happened to my family and is happening to other families here in Oklahoma. I proved where OKDHS took my grandson illegally and because of this I have been retaliated against several times. I was wrongfully jailed and charged with a crime they knew I did not commit to try and shut me up. I proved in court that I did not commit this crime but the harassement does not stop. Now my daughter is being charged child support even though it is in violation of a court order. First they froze her bank account illegally. I called the Governor's office and then because of that they said they would suspend her driver's liscense. I called the Governor again to let them know that OKDHS is still violating the court order. Now they have gotten an order to garnish her wages for child support that she does not owe. We have been everywhere only to be told that nobody can help us and stop OKDHS from breaking the law. We the people need someone that we can turn to when these agencies break the law. I also think that the state should not let people work for OKDHS who have criminal records. It took me 3 years of talking to get them to investigate a worker who I told them had 13 felonies including lying to the Grand Jury. Upon finally investigating they knew I was telling the truth and found other laws she was breaking. How are we supposed to convince people that our government is not crooked if we have criminals working for our government agencies? They bully people who have no criminal record at all but get away with it because they are a government employee. Too many children have been abused and murdered because of OKDHS and it needs to stop. We need a real federal investigation and somebody to make them stop breaking the law.

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