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Another Case of Psychiatric Research Abuse at the U of Minnesota

Mike Howard
Cottage Grove, MN

May 20, 2014 — On Monday evening, KMSP News aired the story of yet another mentally ill man whose harrowing story mirrors that of Dan Markingson.

The man, identified as Robert, was apparently pressured into a pharmaceutical industry study of an unapproved antipsychotic drug. “I was incompetent and didn’t know what I was doing,” he told the KMSP reporter, Jeff Baillon. He was told the unapproved drug was safe, yet the FDA soon rejected the drug, asking the sponsor to look into the death of a research subject who had died of liver failure shortly after taking the drug. Several months later, the sponsor halted all studies.

Robert said the side-effects of the drug were so severe he considered suicide. He went to the Fairview emergency room three times, yet the researcher in charge of the study dismissed his symptoms as “psychosomatic.” Read more at:


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