Creating Diversity Days for Public Schools in Maryland

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What is this?

In Maryland, thousands of kids from many different religious, gender, and racial diversity groups are facing discrimination. Muslims, LGBTQ+, African-Americans, and dozens of others are bullied, and aren't getting the respect and understanding they deserve. I believe that this needs to stop. I am hoping to write a petition to the Governor of the Maryland, to say that all public middle and high schools must designate a day out of the school year to celebrate the diversity of it's students, with education, speeches, activities, and thoughtful reflection.

Why is this a problem?

With rising racial and social tensions, American society is becoming ever divided. Many kids at school are facing discrimination, for the race, sexual orientation, their religion. These articles are proof of the problem that Maryland has to face.

I go to a school in Maryland, and have witnessed this discrimination firsthand. I think that the most effective way to stop this is to petition the Maryland governor to have a day strictly dedicated to the diversity and complexity of public schools. I think that this would cause a monumental change to our society. Who's with me!