Open the Bengies Drive-In Theater

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Governor Hogan, it has come to our attention that you have denied Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski's requests to open the Bengies Drive-In Theater in Middle River.

While you have moved to open the state, denying the opening of an outdoor theater is a strange message to send to Maryland residents. I do believe that if golf courses are open to the public, drive-in theaters should be as well. The Bengies Theater is a historic Baltimore business that, like many, is suffering because of this public health crisis, but it doesn't need to be any longer. Drive-in theaters offer a special opportunity for people to reengage in society in a safe manner. They need to be classified in a different category from regular theaters.

Audiences can remain within the safety of their own vehicles, socially distant from others, while they enjoy watching movies at a time when it's still not safe for conventional movie theaters to remain open for business. Please, do the right thing here. Let’s save Bengies and allow them to open.