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#FixtheGap: Governor Hogan must fund the plan to save Baltimore City Schools teaching jobs

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Less than two years past civil unrest that drew the eyes of the world, schools in Baltimore are facing a budget gap jeopardizing hundreds of teachers' jobs. In one of the nation's most segregated school districts, this sends a clear message that our students' lives matter less than kids outside of the city. 

Baltimore's Mayor and the Chairwoman of the Maryland House of Delegates' Appropriations Committee have hammered out a plan to make up part of the shortfall. However, we still have NO assurances from our governor that he will fund the plan. If Governor Hogan chooses not to act, the budget gap will lead to:

*Up to 1000 staff layoffs

*Kindergarten classes with over 30 kids, and some high school classes with over 50

*Inadequate instructional support for basic subjects like math and reading

YOU have the power to send a clear message to the governor that the 82,354 Maryland children served by Baltimore schools are worth our investment. 


~Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance


More about the budget shortfall: 

As Baltimore City Public Schools’ leaders grapple with the worst budget crisis in 15 years, the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA) is calling upon Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to introduce a supplemental budget to fund the shortfall. DBFA is organizing thousands of Maryland voters to push the Governor to “#FixtheGap” to solve a structural deficit decades in the making.

Some believe that the school funding crisis is due to fiscal mismanagement by Baltimore city schools. This is simply untrue. A recent external audit reported that the school system's financial house is in excellent order. Moreover, the state of Maryland’s own analysis of "education funding adequacy" shows that City Schools is actually underfunded by $290 million. Providing equitable state funding is not optional- it’s mandated in our state’s constitution.

We urge you to keep in mind that that this gap is not just a “Baltimore” problem. Fixing the gap is vital to Maryland's economy. The city is the center of business and commerce for the state. Without quality education, we will see a resurgence of middle-class flight from the city. Keeping families in the city helps build the tax base, and spurs industry. For Maryland to do well, Baltimore has to do well.

Here’s the good news: YOU have the power to fix this. Here’s how: We must pressure Governor Hogan to introduce a supplemental budget that helps close the gap.

How we spend our money is a reflection of our priorities; our children know the resources allocated to their education are a direct reflection of the value we place on their on their futures, their hopes, their potential to live fulfilling, self-determined lives.

Please step up to ensure Maryland’s children know we value their futures.

On behalf of Maryland’s Children,

The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance 






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