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Rose Yacawych started this petition to Governor Lamont and

Unmask our kids in Region 7 school district. It’s unhealthy for their mental development and physical and emotional health. Kids are mostly not carriers and spreaders of Covid-19 and it’s variants. There were no cases of spread within the Region 7 Middle School and High School for the 2020-2021 school year as reported by our school superintendent in her regular newsletter updates. The schools have been and will continue to be cleaned and sanitized. Proper hand washing and use of hand sanitizer will need to continue as that is the most effective way to prevent infections. We, as parents, should decide what is best for our children at this point in time. We’ve flattened the curve, done what was necessary and required by health officials over the last year +. It’s now time to UNMASK OUR KIDS!

Masks are causing other issues such as headaches, increased tiredness, facial breakouts due to contaminant build-up from frequent mask touching and re-use, inability to hear exactly what a teacher is saying, inability to properly see and read facial expressions, to name a few. Just talking to other parents we've learned how detrimental masks are.

Did you know that there are no deaths due to the COVID-19 delta variant within the age ranges of 0-25 according to the confirmed cases on the data.ct.gov site?  Take a look for yourselves. There has been NO change to the statistics since COVID-19 started. So where is all this hype coming from? Certainly not from scientific evidence from the US specifically or State based data.

Did you know that children most typically would only have symptoms similar to the common cold  perhaps lasting up to 2 weeks due to healthy immune systems? This is a scientific fact from the CT Children's Medical Center.

Did you know that the COVID-19 Delta variant is most prevalent in states with low vaccination rates overall and not in New England and New York?


CT is currently at 63.4% fully vaccinated (2.26M) and 70.0% partially vaccinated with at least one dose (2.50M). That’s significant considering vaccines first became available to the most vulnerable at the end of December 2020-January 2021, just 7 months ago.

Neighboring states currently are at the following vaccination percentages (and they're even higher for 1st doses) as of August 2021

Massachusetts     64.0% fully vaccinated or 4.41M

Rhode Island        61.6% fully vaccinated or 652K

New York.            57.2% fully vaccinated or 11.1M

Vermont.              67.6% fully vaccinated or 422K

New Hampshire  58.3% fully vaccinated or 793K

Maine.                 63.5% fully vaccinated or 854K

Litchfield County has one of the lowest infection rates and spreads within CT. It’s time to speak up for our individual freedoms. It’s time to UNMASK OUR KIDS!

Please sign our petition to tGovernor Lamont and the Region 7 BOE to show your support.  Join us at the August 28, 2021 BOE meeting at NWR7 at 6 pm to join the effort.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!