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Petitioning Governor Kitzhaber, and Senators Merkley and Wyden

Create a policy to stop using palm oil products that add to global warming !

Palm oil plantations are one of the biggest contributors to green house gases which threaten all of us in Oregon with the effects of Climate Change.

The government of the United Kingdom already has a policy on its use of palm oil and states :


"Palm oil production is often linked to deforestation and peatland drainage,mainly in Indonesia and Malaysia. This has major impacts on biodiversity, climate change and also land rights for local people."


France and Germany have also pledged to adopt similar policies to protest against the global warming which palm oil production causes.


It is time that we speak up as Americans and urge our legislators to adopt a policy on their use of products that contain palm oil!



Please sign this petition and we will make sure that that Governor Kitzhaber and Senators Merkley and Wyden get your letters of protest!


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  • Governor Kitzhaber, and Senators Merkley and Wyden

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