Governor Kemp: Help Free the BHP3!

Governor Kemp: Help Free the BHP3!

September 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nadia S.

Demand that Governor Kemp stands with Freedom Fighters in GA! 

Stand with us and other Freedom Fighters in demanding Governor Kemp reinforces American values by: 

  1. Draining the Swamp: where are our billions, Joe?!
  2. Dropping the Fake Charges on Augustus Romain and Xavier Rushin
  3. Upholding our 2nd Amendment and Senate Bill 319
  4. Investigating the FBI and Liberal Elite and insisting they stop terrorizing hard-working Americans
  5. Standing with ALL Freedom Fighters and Patriots against FBI Raids (Lest You Be Next)

This crisis from the radical liberal agenda is set on undermining the average American’s patriotic values of God, Country, and Family; economic stability and prosperity; and the very leadership of this Nation.

Joe Biden’s Administration has taken many steps to undermine the above-named values with woke cultural wars, runaway inflation, and diplomatic self-sabotage among the global community of nations.

Governor Kemp has not only helped to stabilize gas inflation to a great deal but has also pushed for the constitutional right to bear arms, keeping great American traditions alive.

Help the Black Hammer Party who is resisting and defending citizens of Georgia from this crisis. Every Sunday in Woodruff Park, we serve homeless veterans, blue-collar workers, and families with food, clothing, and shelter. Due to Biden’s attack on the economy, many more working families are being squeezed onto the street every week.

We served up to 200 people every week assigning them jobs, areas of responsibility, and leadership within our party. Every Sunday we would educate the community on the reality of the Liberal crisis, teaching hard work, faith, and patriotism while creating opportunities for employment, leadership, and action!

On July 19th we were the subject of a Swatting attack, much like the ones done on Marjory Taylor Greene recently, at our home in Fayetteville. This home is where we took in dozens of hard-working individuals off the street.

An individual lied to law enforcement claiming we had kidnapped him and held him and others in chains: a claim that had no basis in reality as Fayetteville PD can confirm. Upon being asked to leave the house, all but one person exited the home, an 18 year old named Amonte Ammons.

This was due to his legal knowledge that searching any premises REQUIRES a signed warrant. And Fayetteville PD department did not have this at the time. While waiting for the warrant, Biden’s FBI proceeded to take a page from the former USSR and interrogated us about Black Hammer’s political activities!

Many refused to answer the tyrannical thought-policing that was apparent from the Liberal attitude of the FBI. Although we wished to respect the officers by answering their questions, it was apparent that most were loaded questions implying that we are violent and abusive. 

We were later informed by liberal media that Amonte Ammons was found dead. What was said and done to result in his life being lost is still unknown to us and has impacted our grieving process. A short time later, the police, going off the testimony of the Swatter, arrested and charged Augustus Claudius Romain Jr. and Xavier Rushin with several felonies, despite lacking even the most basic physical or verbal evidence. 

Take special note of the politicized nature of this motive, Governor, and help us release these leaders of our freedom-loving Party.


The Black Hammer Party

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Signatures: 52Next Goal: 100
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