NO PLEA DEAL in Kamille "Cupcake" Mckinney Case

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Kamille "Cupcake" Mckinney was abducted October 12, 2019 from her neighborhood.  Cupcake was 3 years old.  Her body was found in a landfill ten days later.  

Despite pleas from her family, friends, and concerned citizens to bring this precious baby home, her abductors CHOSE to kill Kamille instead.  They could have taken her to a police station, fire department, or hospital and simply hand her to literally anyone there and walked away, no questions asked.  They could have taken her to a store or park and left her there undetected. They chose NEITHER of those options.  

There is no hope of rehabilitating people that are this full of evil.  They have to be removed from our society forever, else other children will be in danger.  We are DEMANDING the strongest sentence possible for her killers.  Alabama utilizes lethal injection and also the electric chair to carry out those sentences.  The persons responsible for Kamille's death should jump to the front of the line to lie on the gurney or sit in Yellow Mama.  WE, the citizens of Alabama, will not allow this evil to occur in our state without swift and severe consequences.  

To the Governor, and prosecuting attorneys:  WE, the citizens of ALABAMA, and other concerned states, DEMAND that you accept NO PLEA DEAL and seek the MAXIMUM penalty for this crime.  If you cannot do this, please recuse yourself and allow someone who can do this to prosecute the case.