Stop Gov. Hochul's Health Department Unconstitutional Corrupt Power Grab

Stop Gov. Hochul's Health Department Unconstitutional Corrupt Power Grab

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New York Governor Governor Kathy Hochul

Why this petition matters

Urgent Action is Needed! New York state's governor Kathy Hochul along with parties in New York's Department of Health are trying to sidestep the state and federal constitutions and the New York State Assembly, and create emergency regulations of a permanent nature by administrative rule adoption(s), particularly related to Covid-19 vaccines and masking controlling mandates. Whatever state or country you are in you need this stopped too because if she can get away with this in New York it opens wide the door for the powers that be to come for you and your state/country next, to grab unlawful power.

Please join us in our fight for our rights, and yours, and those of our children in putting an end to this trespass against We the People. If we sit idle and do nothing, our future generations may never know the freedoms we've enjoyed, and that is a frightening thought!

Please sign this petition, 1) requesting that Governor Kathy Hochul correct her intended erroneous conduct to engage in unconstitutional rule making because that activity is prohibited by law and, 2) requesting instead that she comply with the constitution that she has taken an oath to support, as instructed to do according to case cites and universally accepted maxims and/or principles of law, and constitutional provision and more, all detailed in the "Notice For Direction" by We the People.

This petition is critical and will even continue on past February 13, 2022, because though that is the date stated for comments to come in, the date by which the related powers that be have given for people to make their voices heard, still the final decisions related to the subject matter of this petition will not occur until some time after February 13, and the peoples' voice needs to be heard all the way through the decision making process. So the petition will move on past the thirteenth with the goal of stopping the wrongdoing, and giving Governor Hochul notice that her proposal to engage in rule making that would use the Department of Health, and/or other agencies or means, to in effect make emergency regulations permanent is unlawful and cannot stand.

With that is mind, a "Notice For Direction" has been written up and can be found at, giving Governor Hochul Notice of several violations of the state and federal constitutions that she and others will be liable for if she creates and enforces ruling making surrounding the Department of Health being allowed to mandate vaccines, masks, quarantine(s) and lock-downs, etc.... A "State of Emergency" that lasts 2 years and counting is no longer a state of emergency, it's a dictatorship!

The brief six (6) page "Notice For Direction" effectively details, to Kathy Hochul and other agents of government, critical constitutional restrictions and prohibitions she and other agents and agencies of government are under and their duties and obligations per their oath(s). In addition, the notice gives Governor Hochul lawful direction to follow her oath of office and refrain from engaging in such unconstitutional rule making or she and others can be liable for violations of their oath(s) and the law in several different areas, including the following ones in particular.

Violations of Oath By Corruption Liability
Supervisory Liability
Due Process and Equal Protection Liability
Fourth Amendment Liability
Title 42, Sec. 1983 Liability
Forcing Involuntary Servitude - Liability

The notice focuses on three particularly egregious proposed rules, yet still reminds the governor that there are other unconstitutional rules and laws that are even currently on the books that need correction and or removal also. The three (3) targeted rule making proposals are as follows; the current proposed rules that must be stopped are:

4) Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission By Covered Entities (Schools),
8) Investigation of Communicable Diseases; Isolation and Quarantine,
10) Face Coverings For COVID-19 Prevention.

Again, you can read the whole "Notice For Direction" at Also, on the website is additional information being sent to the governor by We the People making lawful demand for change and requiring government agents and agencies to properly perform their functions and duties and obligations to the people or they are subject to having claims in court be made against them, or claims against their bonds, or even recall or impeachment proceedings against them.

Finally, please share this petition with family and friends via email, and on all the social media groups that you can, and ask that they sign and share as well. Please make this go viral! Let us stand up for the freedoms our forefathers so meticulously spelled out in the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. Any law repugnant to the Constitution is void folks; it's as simple as that. Please act and share far and wide! God bless!

1,899 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!