Stop Subsidizing Greyhound Racing in West Virginia

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More than 8,000 greyhounds have been injured at two West Virginia racetracks since 2008, including 412 dogs that died. Thousands of greyhounds endure lives of confinement at these facilities, kept in warehouse style kennels, in small cages, for long hours each day. Female greyhounds are given anabolic steroids to prevent estrus, and dogs are fed raw “4-D” meat from diseased animals to reduce costs.

Since 2009, sixteen cases of cruelty or neglect have also been documented at West Virginia greyhound tracks, including an injured dog that was denied veterinary care, and dogs that were punched, raised off the ground, and slapped.

This cruel industry is dying in West Virginia but continues to exist because it is being propped up by a state law that mandates greyhound racing, and also requires that dog races be subsidized with up to tens of millions each year in gambling profits. This is money that could otherwise be used for important state programs like education and public safety.

The state is facing an unprecedented budget crunch, and the time is right to end outrageous subsidies to an industry that is cruel and inhumane. Sign this petition and ask legislative leaders to end greyhound racing subsidies now.