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Justice for Abused Children (remove statues of limitations)

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I am here to help the little boy, in the photo above, get some justice. He was born to a teenage mom with a mental illness (Major Depression). He was beaten and neglected from the age of 2 to 3 and on up to the age of 15. His mother’s form of discipline was to call the boys’ name and when he got within reach she would sucker punch him with the back of her heavily ringed hand. This often left the young boy with a busted face and busted lips (which can be seen in the photo above). This type of discipline was often used as entertainment for his mother and her friend Teresa. As the little boy remembers it like yesterday, he was riding in a car, his mother driving and mother’s friend in the passenger seat. The next thing he knows, his mother/abuser calls him from the backseat to come closer to her as she is driving. The next thing he knows, he is laying on the floorboard in the backseat from a viscous and unsuspecting blow to his teeth which nearly takes him out, completely out. He hears his mother’s friend say “God Damn, Kathy!” and his mother laughs in reply “I like to make him come to me for it”. This poor little boy couldn’t understand what was happening. Why am I not being saved and why are all these adults making comments about my behavior he ponders. As the abuse carried on he became stronger and stronger plus he had the heart of a lion. The little boy was able to suppress the abuse and neglect until the age of 36 when full blown PTSD sets in. He was able to accomplish many things, however, the abuse and the lack of treatment has nearly wiped out all of his short term memory and plagued him with chronic pain. 

What if the little boy in the photo above was your child? How would you feel if you witnessed this type of abuse on a grandchild? 

Can you believe it is 2017 and we still have to talk about abuse? Unbelievable. 

Please help me by reaching out to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and remove the statues of limitation for child abuse!



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