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Stop the Tea Party War Against Ohio Voter Rights

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Open to Ohioans and All Americans to Sign -

This petition is to compel Governor Kasich of Ohio to sign an executive order to make voting rights fair and equal for all Ohio citizens in the 2012 Presidential election.

This executive order should be clear in the following:

1. All Ohio citizens have the equal right to vote three days prior to election day.

Ohio citizens challenged the controversial HB194 and was set for referendum. Not only is the legislators repeal of a bill up for referendum highly irregular, it appears to also be unconstitutional. And while HB 194 was largely repealed; voting three days prior to the election, as in 2008, is still removed and continues to be unjustly in full force revoking the equal rights of our citizens.

This right, equal before all citizens, must be reinstated.

2. Voting hours must be equal in all counties of Ohio. Extended voting hours must be same across all counties.

It has come to the attention of Ohio citizens voting hours are now unequal in many counties. Some counties have extended voting hours, while other counties can not vote after 5:00 pm.

This creates an unnecessary burden on many working families that must now take time off work in order to cast their vote. As such, it could revoke their right to vote, or jeopardize their employment, should an employer refuse to provide time off.

As such, extended voting hours must be equal in all counties to afford all their right to vote.

Last, it has come to the attention of both Democrat and Republican citizens this de facto disfranchisement appears to be a ploy by Tea Party factions to undermine and deny the right to vote.We find it an absolute travesty that our Governor and Legislators can be so influenced by an unethical minority against the majority of Ohio’s citizens in taking away their Constitutional right to cast their ballot.

As a veteran who proudly served his country, let me make it very clear -

I didn’t fight for our rights in the Constitution only to now watch those same rights erode and be undermined by the expanding encroachment of creeping Jim Crow. This injustice will not stand.

This petition, signed by Ohioans, and many other citizens across our Nation demand you right this wrong. Nothing less is acceptable.

With justice for all,
John L. Prim and All the Signed Petitioners  

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