Petition Update

House Commerce Committee Public Hearing March 6th

Matthew Murphy
Hampstead, NH

Feb 23, 2012 — HB 1560 supporters,
After passing the preliminary house vote by a veto proof margin 253-92 the House Commerce Committee is taking up the bill for a public hearing on Tuesday, March 6th Please Email or Call the Bill Sponsor Rep DJ Bettoncourt and thank him for his leadership on this issue. Additionally, opponents of self determination of Health Care have been contacting the House Commerce Committee and we must do the same prior to the hearing. Please Email the members of the House Commerce Committee and ask them to support an ought to pass reccomendation for HB 1560. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the Contact info for these Reps please email me at or by phone 603-475-8435
Thank you,
Matthew Murphy
Regional Field Director
Health Care Compact Alliance