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Too much doubt to execute Montgomery

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Despite maintaining his innocence before, during, and since his trial, William T. Montgomery has been on death row for over 31 years for the 1986 murders of Cynthia Tincher and Debra Ogle in Lucas County, Ohio. Even in light of significant doubts about his guilt, Montgomery is scheduled to be executed on April 11, 2018.  

Key concerns include:

1. No credible evidence ties Montgomery to the murders. Facts in the case point to other suspects who were never seriously investigated.

2. Prosecutors withheld evidence including police reports, tips about alternative suspects, physical evidence implicating the co-defendant, and eyewitness accounts that a second car was parked next to Ms. Tincher's car just before she was killed. This information undermines the state's entire theory of the murders.

3. The only evidence implicating Montgomery in the crime is the testimony from Glover Heard, the co-defendant in the case. Heard received a deal from the prosecution in exchange for his testimony. Heard was sentenced to 15 years to life, while Montgomery was sentenced to death. Heard's story changed five times, and only on the fifth time was Montgomery included in the story. 

Six years after the conviction, in 1992, Montgomery discovered exculpatory evidence investigators hid at trial. In addition, in 2012, a new forensic review of the autopsy files concludes that scientifically, the first victim could not have been killed as the state claims and disproves the state's entire theory and timeline of the case. 

There are significant doubts about the validity and reliability of the conviction of William T. Montgomery.

Governor John Kasich should not allow the execution on April 11 with so much doubt. The execution of an innocent man is irreversible.  

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