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Petitioning Lt Governer, State of Colorado Joe Garcia and 8 others

Governor John Hickenlooper, State of Colorado Supreme Court: Purge all marijuana-only convictions and release those jailed for such.

Colorado prisons are overcrowded, at the expense of the taxpayer. A large number of these inmates are guilty only of marijuana related offenses. This has always been an unfair burden to taxpayers, a violation of medical and personal freedom, and destructive to lives, families and careers. In light of the voters insisting that marijuana become legal, it is all the more unconscionable for these convictions and sentences to stand..
It is absolutely imperative that these political prisoners are released immediately and that their convictions are purged.

Letter to
Lt Governer, State of Colorado Joe Garcia
Chief Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Michael L. Bender
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr.
and 6 others
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Nancy E. Rice
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Nathan B. Coats
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Allison H. Eid
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Monica M. Márquez
Justice, Colorado Supreme Court Brian D. Boatright
Governer, State of Colorado John Hickenlooper
Purge all marijuana-only convictions and release those jailed for such.

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