Freedom for Ernest Seadin from the Colorado Department of Corrections!

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Ernest Seadin is a inmate in Colorado Department of Corrections in Limon Corrections Facility. He was sentenced 25 years for armed robbery in 1988. 1989 he absconded from the Arkansas Valley correctional facility and was apprehended by US Marshals. He was then sentenced by the Department of Justice 25 years while having his state sentence run concurrent with the federal sentence, with the exception that he plead guilty to escape in Crowley County (which would be 5 years consecutive with the federal sentence). For almost 24 years my father was led to believe that his Colorado sentence was running with his Federal sentence, then in 2013 we learned that is sentence discharge date have been changed from January 2014 to sometime in 2036. This was done without due process or notification, and in 2015 he was taken from the Bureau of Prisons in Florence Colorado to a Colorado Correctional Facility. From 2001 to 2012 my father had 11 parole hearings held that were signed by 2 parole board officials "DEFFERED". The Department of Corrections changed my father's mandatory release date in error and now he will die in prison because of this error. We have all documentation and it will all be here made public for any to read. I'm calling on the governor, the CDOC with director Rick Raemisch, the Colorado Attorney General, the Denver District courts and the Colorado Court of appeals to release my father, Ernest Seadin immediately from his extreme oversentencing and the cruel and unusual punishment placed on him. Documents soon to follow, Thank you and God Bless America!