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Clemency for Samba Kane

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His last wish is to reconnect with his family in Senegal...

The story of Samba Kane is a deeply sad story that has inspired people from all over the world to come together to respectfully ask Governor John Hickenlooper for Samba's clemency.

Samba's Story

Samba is a Senegalese citizen who is currently incarcerated at the Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado. Eighteen years ago he made a grave mistake by committing a crime of passion when he discovered his wife with her lover in their home. For this crime, that ended in her lover's death, Samba was sentenced to life in prison without parole. This is not the typical sentence.

At the time of the sentence, Samba could barely speak English and was unable to obtain a public defender. Since his sentence, Samba has spent years in solitude with no visits or correspondence with his community. Despite his circumstances, Samba has used the last eighteen years to enlighten himself and utilize his experiences to teach others forgiveness and compassion. He condemns his wrongful actions and places his faith in a higher power to decide his fate. 

At 58 years old, Samba had lost hope of ever returning to his home country until he met Papa Dia. Papa Dia is a Senegalese national and American citizen who has lived in Colorado for 18 years. He is a business banker at Wells Fargo and has used his success to found the African Leadership Group to help the African Diaspora . Two months ago he got a phone call from Samba and has since devoted himself to helping Samba achieve his only wish of returning to Senegal to reconnect with his family. Since connecting with Papa only two months ago, Samba has received 15 visitors, the Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP has taken on his case probono and over 500 letters have been written to ask Governor Hickenlooper to grant Samba clemency or at the very least allow him to go back to Senegal so that he may see his family again. 

What you can do:

Samba made an unforgettable error, but he deserves a second chance. We are all human. Please join this growing community of people who believe in second chances, compassion and forgiveness.  

  1. Sign this petition!
  2. Write a letter on behalf of Samba Kane addressed to: Governor John Hickenlooper. Office of the Governor. 136 State Capital Bldg. Denver CO 80203. Title the letter "Executive Clemency Commutation Application of Samba Kane, DOC #99880
  3. Make a financial contribution to support Samba's case either to this online fundraising campaign or directly to a Wells Fargo Bank account called "Help for Samba Kane." The account number is 7060098378.


For any questions or concerns please email Papa Dia at or call 303-475-5148

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