State of Delaware - Provide Financial Relief to Restaurant/Tourism Workers

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As the impact of COVOID-19 begins to effect our nation's economy, Delaware's Governor made the difficult - but necessary decision to greatly limit restaurant and entertainment operations across our state. 

This decision cripples Delaware's fourth largest private sector job producer. Unlike the healthcare & finance sectors, the workforce is mostly comprised of hourly & tip dependent workers.

As supporters of bartenders, dishwashers, line-cooks, ushers, musicians, dancers,  comedians, servers, hosts, box office managers, and more - we urge the Delaware General Assembly & Governor John Carney to take swift action to make the workers in this industry whole again with emergency temporary action.

Whether it is increasing unemployment or providing relief from the State's "rainy day fund" - any action will be appreciated. 

While some private companies are able to provide some form of compensation to their employees during this crisis - the reality is that many can not. 

We fully support the reasoning behind limiting the operations of this vital industry, and respectfully ask the State to act quickly to support one of its most vulnerable working populations.

We recognize that our local and federal officials will be juggling difficult decisions around the clock - but the reality is that if we are not on the floor serving our customers, we are not able to keep a roof over our head, our healthcare paid for (as we typically do not have insurance offered), or our lights on.