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Stop California From Becoming A Sanctuary State!

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We the people of the State of California protest that the state leaders have taken it upon themselves to decide to make OUR STATE, CALIFORNIA, a Sanctuary State without consulting with us, the United States citizens and residents of the state of California.

I am a grandmother and I don't want to see my children and my grandchildren affected by our home becoming an open door to anyone who wants to stop in and stay without my permission or my family's permission.  I know there are many others who feel the same way but most are quiet, law-abiding people who do not want to get involved until it personally affects them...but often by then it will be too late.

Before we become a place for every ILLEGAL ALIEN (not immigrant) to come and hide placing a burden on the taxpayers of California as well as a danger to our right to a peaceful existence due to these ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into our state without extreme vetting, we would like to have a say in whether we want this to happen or whether we do not want it to happen.. 

We are not against those who come into our country or state LEGALLY through the due process that is set up through our immigration courts.  When my ancestors came here, they had to go through a very lengthy process, learning our language, our laws, and our Constitution.  Sanctuary Cities and States let in criminals as well as those who are willing to adopt our customs, laws and language which puts our United States citizens at riskPlease sign this and other petitions 

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