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Protect our personal rights of sexual privacy and safety.

 When I heard that a new assembly bill would allow boys into my school bathroom and locker room, as long as they perceived themselves a girl, and girls into a boys bathroom and locker room, as long as they perceived themselves as a boy, I felt the sense of sexual privacy and safety for the youth of California had been violated. I quickly became aware that many of my peers felt the same way as I did. I heard of a petition going around that registered voting adults could protest this assembly bill to try to get it overturned. I strongly felt after reading it that the youth should have a voice in this situation as well, since we are the ones the adults are making this law about. I decided to write this petition to give the youth of California an opportunity to stand up for our need of protection. My hopes in this petition are to raise a light to our government, voters and parents of how we feel about the violation this bill puts us under and encourage them to do more to protect our sexual privacy and safety. Our entire country needs to stand up for these rights together because California's influence sets a strong standard on the rest of our nation. I hope to raise awareness of this violation by collecting as many signatures as I can on my petition from the youth, parents and voters of America. 


Thank you,

Saige Hatch

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