Help Glenn Mason Earn the Chance to Come Home

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       My name is Glenn Mason. In 1998, I was involved in a crime that resulted in the death of an innocent person. I feel profound remorse for my callous actions that day, and for the consequences of my actions that many still live with to this day. I have taken responsibility for what part I played and have taken responsibility for what I had to do next…change.

       My drive to change was born of the remorse I felt. It then grew as I aligned my life with the will of my Higher Power. The courage to reject everything I was and to the embrace a new way of life was inspired by my family and by the supportive relationships I have built. Hope and all I have overcome allow me to stay focused on the bigger picture beyond myself.

       At the time of my crime, I was an immature, homeless, drug addicted criminal with a third-grade education. I took the responsibility to change this, to completely dismantle who I was and to build the man I have become. I am a mature, 40 year-old husband and step-father. I am clean and sober, and I now sponsor others in Recovery. I am the first in my family to obtain a college education and am currently pursuing a higher degree. I taught myself Spanish and speak it fluently. I work as a College Tutor and as a teacher, teaching English as a second language. I have abandoned my anti-social past and am now involved in positive Community Outreach. I now also have a home to return to.

       Signing this petition is only to ask the Governor of California to grant clemency on my behalf. This does not grant release. This only gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my rehabilitation to the Parole Board at a future date, so they may decide on the merits of their review, if I should be granted a second chance after more than 20 years of incarceration. If you are in support of this petition, please sign and share with those you know. Thank you.