Petition Closed


Letter to
California Governor Governor Jerry Brown
In November 2012 an application for commutation of sentence was filed for Miles York (Petition No. COM-910-12). I am asking you to grant our request for the benefit of a young man who wants the opportunity to have a life; for his family that is being continually hurt by his incarceration; and for society that would be better off having this young man being a productive as well as for the tax payers whose money is being wasted by incarcerating Miles York.

About the case: Miles is now 23-years-old. He is presently serving a 7-year prison sentence in the Centinela state prison in California. Miles played a MINOR role in the robbery of a marijuana dispensary that occurred on September 3, 2008. On May 27, 2009, Miles gave up his right to a trial, accepted responsibility for the regrettably poor choice he made, entered a plea of guilty to the charges, and was sentenced to serve a 7-year term in prison.
In the course of the attempted robbery,
• no property was stolen;
• no one was hurt or injured;
• no lives were lost;
• Miles never had a weapon;
• Miles was not even in the building during the robbery;
• Miles has no prior criminal history
• Miles involvement in the crime was that he was a passenger in the car that drove his friend to the marijuana dispensary that was robbed.

Miles sentence was unjustly harsh based on his level of involvement. Miles genuinely regrets his involvement with his friends and has learned a very hard lesson. He has matured during this time. He is extremely focused with his plans on creating a successful life for himself when he is free.