“Governor Gavin Newsom:Free Bobby Smith: An Innocent man who has served 28 yrs in Prison.

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Free Bobby Smith: An Innocent man who has served 28 years in Prison for a crime he didn't commit.
Robert “Bobby” Smith Jr. has been in prison for 28 years. Bobby is a 47 year old man and the only son of his parents. He was born in New York where he attended Catholic School. He spend his summers in the Alabama where he worked on his grandfather's land, however, he was raised in California where he played Basket Ball and learning Martial Arts. As a teen and young adult he had a number of jobs including but not limited to him working for the Desert Sun News Paper and Burger King on Indian avenue off of Palm Canyon in Palm Springs California. But at the age of 19 someone love one was murder and in 1992, he was convicted of a Single homicide. However, he's affected by the death sentence of, life Without the Possibility of Parole and on what should be considered his first offense. We hope to not have that terrible sentence forever define him. While in prison Bobby loss his only son as well as his grandparents. Yet he is still working at becoming the best possible him. He have become a man, a mentor, educator, author, and a father, son, grandfather and student. He is currently pursuing his degree to become a Counselor and he have completed a number of self-help classes. In prison he has tough himself three language, he is a Minister and study Region. He works as the Administrator “Mac Rep“. Free Bobby Smith: An Innocent man who has served 27 years in Prison.

THERE WAS NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, NO DNA, NO CLEAR MOTIVE, and NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD, yet ROBERT SMITH JR, is currently serving a Life Without Possibility of Parole Sentence, Bobby Smith has maintained his Innocence over the Last twenty (28) years.
On February 13, 1991, one intruder entered the 2nd “top” floor of a condo home wearing dark clothing and ski masks. The one intruder was Between 5’5 to 5’8 tall and light weight build Confirmed by the victims husband on the 911 call tapes the night of the murder and by the witness of the composite drawing and at trial, and Bobby Smith was 6’2 tall and 200 lbs. The intruder shot the victim while fleeing trying to escape the victims effort to hit him with the chair “bar stool”. Nothing was taken and no one else hurt, however, the victim later died at the hospital due to the intruders senseless act of stupidity.
Although Bobby Smith had an alibi for the time in which the actual murder had taken place, he was nonetheless the only person on trail and found guilty on “He said, she said” false testimony by prosecution witnesses and sent to Prison. Recently Bobby Smith had discovered the existence of previously hidden physical evidence, multi shoe taken from Bobby and his father that the DA claimed to had made the Shoe-print impressions left at the scene of the crime by the Bobby Smith. Witness coming forward and witness recanting statement, deals never disclosed to the jury. Despite evidence of his Innocence, Bobby remains in prison with his sentence of Life Without the Possibility of parole. California Governor Jerry Brown must step in to Correct this wrong. He has power and authority to release Bobby through the Clemency/Commutation process. Please sign this petition to correct the injustice that occurred with Bobby. We thank you for your support, time and consideration.