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Carlos was convicted of a Premeditated Attempted Murder charge back in 2008. He got sentenced to 20 years to life, even though he never physically hurt, struck or killed anyone, with the two shots that were fired by him in self defense. With more than 14 years imprisoned to date, he fell among the percentage of inmates who were ignorant of their rights to speak up. The officer on the scene of investigation, was newer, and only questioned witnesses who lived with the plaintiff. Prosecution also swept alot of what they knew that would help his defense, under the rug. (Brady vs. Maryland) With no witnesses willing to come forward, tell the truth, or any evidence that would help Carlos, (at the time), he was slaughtered by the jury without proof. His lawyer failed him without conducting a proper detailed investigation, which led to his drastic charge. (Innaffective Assisted Council). In 2016, a new key witness came about who seen everything that night...FINALLY Everything is falling into place! 

I don't want to get too excited but he just had his commutation meeting on June 12th, 2018. Carlos plead for a second chance and asked for his sentence to be lowered, because he feels he is ready for society now. Its not easy being a wife of a prisoner,  but I Believe God gives us the strength to endure ANYTHING he puts in our path. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP! "Till Death Do Us Part, Through Sickness and In Health, Through the Good, Bad , And Even the Ugly, We Will Never Leave Each Other's Side❤  That is our #warriorlife #teamguerrero motto.❤

Accomplishments and Achievements he's made since being incarcerated just to name a few are:

Earning his GED, 3 Associates degrees, completed self help classes, AA class, 5 step program, participated in the Last Mile Program computer coding class, learned sign language, and continues to be a Teacher's Aide for those inmates wanting to reach their educational goals. Those that know him, and have not had contact with him, should know, he has a whole different mindset about life now. He knows he cant change the past, but being locked up for 14 years, he sure can change the future.
Just because someone is in prison,doesn't mean they are bad people.

About 20% of inmates are biting the bullet for someone else,(doing someone elses time), and about 5% got falsely convicted because of their ignorance to the law and their legal rights. Carlos unfortunately, fell amongst that 5%. Alot of people walking free are more "criminal" in nature than some of these so called "inmates" locked up in prison. They just never got caught.

We are asking and needing 2,000 signatures on this petition. This will put him in the forefront of Governor's consideration. We are asking Governor Brown to Award Clemency to Carlos, for his Exemplary Accomplishments and Leadership Conducted inside ISP. He would be an Asset to the Community and Our Family Alike. He already has a contractor position waiting for him upon release, through one of our family members. 

By no means am I saying everyone in prison does not belong there. What im saying is adjust the wrongfully convicted. After considerable time lost, Carlos deserves a second chance. Only God knows...EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!
But God Always Prevails In The End, And Those Who Doubted Will See...BLESSINGS TO ALL!

(Matthew: 7) (John 15:18-27)

Thanks everyone for your help!
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