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Please Support Fair and Equitable Salary Increases for State Scientific Supervisors.

Support California State Scientific Supervisors!

Salary Equity NOW!

We are California State Scientist Supervisors, and proud of it!

We do critically important work in support of the environment and in sustaining the health and safety of all Californians. We do the public’s work because we are dedicated to public service. In fact, California State Scientific Supervisors have a special role in promoting teamwork to ensure that the work gets done in the best possible manner. We work hard, and we expect the state of California to provide a safe and healthy workplace. 

We also expect a compensation package that enables us to support our families. Unfortunately, like all rank-and-file state scientists, many are severely underpaid. Our salaries are 30% to 50% behind our counterparts who work in other governmental agencies and the private sector. Incredibly, for many of us, our salaries are also approximately 40% below what’s being paid to MOST California State Scientific Supervisors RIGHT NOW!

This petition is written on behalf of the supervisors who were left out of the salary program last summer.  We need salary equity, and we need it NOW! 

You can show your support for California state scientific supervisors in our quest for salary equity by signing this petition. Please feel free to comment. Here are some facts you should know:

  • Governor Brown last year finally funded the Like Pay For Like Work decision won by the California Association of Professional Scientists (CAPS) in 2008. His budget last year resulted in a “Pay Letter” issued by Cal HR – – Governor Brown’s Human Resources Department – – on August 20, 2014 that increased the salaries of approximately 75% of California state scientific supervisors by 28% to 43%. The remaining 25% of California State Scientific Supervisors received a paltry 2.5% salary increase.
  • Last year Seventy-Five Percent (75%) of the scientific supervisors received an increase of 43%!
  • The impact of those salary increases were nothing short of LIFE CHANGING for the scientific supervisors who received them. They were well-deserved and long overdue.
  • THIS petition addresses the 25% of state scientific supervisors who DIDN’T receive that increase, and who continue to perform work that is just as important and demanding as the work being performed by the state scientific supervisors who DID receive that increase.
  • Scientific supervisors working at state departments like Public Health, Food and Agriculture, Parks and Recreation—among many others--must not continue to be discounted or treated like second-class citizens.
  • Many of us work in urban areas that are extremely high cost, our work is complex and demanding, and many of us have advanced degrees in highly specialized areas that bring great value to the State.
  • The CAPS Supervisors Committee has proposed to extend salary equity to ALL state scientific supervisors. You can see it here:


Salary Equity NOW for ALL State Scientists!



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  • California Department of Health and Human Services Secretary
    Diana S. Dooley

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