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Bring on the Hero Show!

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California students and teachers are suffering an environment increasingly hostile to innovative problem solving, while suffocating from a narrowing scope focused on passing tests and targeting high income jobs to justify paying the ballooning costs of higher education. This “shark tank” educational philosophy traps students and teachers in a competitive war for survival that is both inefficient and vicious, and these qualities are translated into society at large.

Hero educational philosophy trains the people's students how to work together solving the people's problems. It is based upon cooperative play, and mastery of the team problem solving process.

I ask my Governor, Jerry Brown, and the Regents of the University of California to initiate the California Hero Engine Project, a team problem solving game for grades K-20. The benefits of such a project would include -

1)Because students would be solving the problems of mankind's most desperate people, they would develop an awareness both broad and deep of the people's most tragic problems, fostering an empathy for those less fortunate that is the foundation of involved citizenship.

2)Because the students are working together as a solution team, they would master the knowledge, skills, and tools of the team problem solving process, which would serve them, their employers, and their communities for their entire lives.

3)Because the students are practicing on real problems, they are producing real solutions for those most desperate among us.

4)Because these solutions happen on a global stage, the Hero Show could provide financial support for both the educational institutions of the problem solvers, and their solutions.

5)Because the Hero Show happens on a global stage, it could inspire replication and cooperation between the students of all nations, creating a united generation of heroes that will reshape our planet and our future.

6)Because the students will create powerful solution tools and networks, the hero engine will be prepared to deal with devastating and unforeseeable future problems in hero time.

7)Because the Hero Engine will flood the population with hero graduates, it will have the effect of bolting a turbo charger to the intake of the democratic solution engine, and accelerate the people into a future of peace and unimaginable prosperity.

If the students try to lift the people's weight, they will gain the hero's strength.

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