Governor Jay Inslee to forgive Rent/Mortgage in Washington State for 90 days

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Governor Jay Inslee has just announced that in addition to his Emergency ruling to shut down K-12 schools in Washington, that he will be closing restaurants, bars, all major gatherings and any gathering over 50 people.

This puts a tremendous financial burden on the middle to lower class citizens. Citizens  that work In the places that Inslee have now closed and requested to stay home. Being unable to work from home, but work is closed down. Also the parents that now have to stay home to watch their children because school is shut down.

Unable to afford the right supplies to remain safe indoors to lessen the spread of Covid-19. If rent or Mortgage is not forgiven for the next 90 days, we will see evictions, and foreclosures. Therefore worsening the containment of the virus as people become homeless.  Between Health Insurance, Utilities, Food/Water and proactive measures. Rent and Mortgage is not doable without an income.

Remember, unemployment in Washington can take 6-8 weeks to get approved, and that was before Covid-19!

Some are lucky enough to work from home. 
Some are lucky enough to have a savings to live off of but some are now jobless, some are now struggling.

Most are seriously worried about not only Covid-19 but also financially.

Please relieve the concerns that we all have. If Rent and Mortgage is forgiven, we can focus all of our attention on remaining healthy and remaining indoors longer by stocking supplies.

Sign this to get it in front of Jay Inslee!

This is a request for all of Washington State!