Stop COVID testing in LTC facilities

Stop COVID testing in LTC facilities

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State of Colorado Governor Jared Polis

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Started by Cameo Van Zandt

Dear Governor Polis,

I'm writing this petition to stop mandatory once -twice a week COVID testing in Long Term Nursing Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilities. This mandatory testing has taken an emotional and physical toll on not only our care staff but also our residents. 

Every week, we currently test all employees and residents twice a week, regardless if they are showing symptoms or are symptom free. The employees and residents of these facilities are tired. 

Employees of these facilities were mandated by you to recieve the vaccine. Many did regardless of their beliefs on the issue, because they needed their jobs to survive. With the majority of all staff that are now vaccinated, testing should not have to continue. Staff will continue to follow strict guidelines on infection control and continue to wear their PPE to protect the residents. Hospitals and doctors offices do not currently have to undergo testing and some may argue that they are working with more at risk patients. 

Employees are having to come in on their precious days off to get COVID testing done. These are employees that have continued to work throughout the pandemic, employees that recieved the vaccine. They are tired. They should be allowed to have full days off without having to worry about testing. But instead, to meet state guidelines on testing and frequency of testing, these employees must come in to test or they have to take 10 days off, unpaid, per state guidance. 

Because of these rules, the state is adding even more strain on our facilities that have already lost so many nurses and CNAs due to the vaccine mandate. We are already struggling to staff our facilities because if the mandate and mass burnout healthcare providers are feeling. 

Our employees are being stretched thin. Infection Preventionist for the facilities are pulling double duty. Now they are helping with testing, trying to monitor COVID results, monitoring processes and so much more, all while trying to continue doing their jobs. 

As of January 1st, 2022, the state will no longer provide testing supplies, which will financially burden these facilities. Previously the state provided these tests, which cost the State of Colorado millions of dollars over the last year and a half. 

Healthcare professionals are tired. Adding in the COVID testing is adding more strain to an already strained field. Please look at new guidance on testing, such as testing if you exhibiting symptoms, but no testing for employees without symptoms. Healthcare workers need a win. They need a light at the end of the tunnel. They need your support. Please show them that you hear them and you support the hard work they have put in during this pandemic. 

44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!