Protest Gov. Mills' Signing LD798 which will remove 7,000 Maine Kids from School

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Do you want the government to mandate medical decisions for Maine children? 

LD798 has been billed as a "vaccine" bill, capitalizing on the media pitting "pro" vs. "anti" vaccine parents against one another. It is NOT about vaccines, it IS about whether we want to allow the government to mandate the medical decisions we make for our children. MANY parents who vaccinate OPPOSE this bill.

This bill discriminates against a minority group of children and segregates them from their schools and communities. Parents are coerced into choosing between medical interventions with known risks to which they do not consent and their children's education. 


  • Eliminates parents' ability to decide what's best for their children.
  • Will harm, not help, public health. Public health mandates are not effective and often backfire. Education and incentive programs are always more effective, and none have been proposed in Maine. 
  • Strips parents of their right to religious freedom. 46 other states currently allow personal belief objections to vaccination (religious and/or philosophical exemptions). Faith-based objections to a particular vaccine's ingredients include bovine/porcine products and fetal cell lines. 
  • Prevents a minority group from receiving an education. 5% of Maine schoolchildren would be segregated from their schools,
    teachers, teams and friends under this bill. Includes public AND private schools, colleges/universities, daycares and preschools.
  • Those who need medical exemptions cannot get them. Many doctors are unwilling or not allowed to write them, leaving immunocompromised and vulnerable children at risk of vaccine injury. Doctors receive little to no training on vaccines, vaccine injury or contraindications to vaccination other than being told vaccines are "safe and effective".  
  • Our childhood vaccination rates are high. Only 5% of Maine kids opt out of some vaccines required for school. Some are on a delayed schedule. Some opt out of only one vaccine. Most of the 5% opt out for medical reasons. 
  • Unvaccinated children are not a risk to the immunocompromised. Medically fragile or immunocompromised children are most at risk from colds and upper respiratory infections, rampant in school environments. This bill does nothing to make schools safer for those children.
  • Vaccines DO cause injury. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $4 billion dollars for the severe injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines. The pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them have immunity.

Governor Mills told Maine voters that she would uphold exemptions to vaccination during her campaign. She signed LD798 into law on Friday, May 24th.

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