OPEN All of Maine NOW or Resign

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Let’s send a strong message to Gov. Mills- Open All of Maine Now or resign!

The “Open Maine Now” movement involves a formal Proclamation of Grievances that identifies specific violations to our US and Maine Constitutions that are the direct result of overreaching illegal actions taken by the Governor of Maine, Janet T. Mills.

On May 29th, hundreds of Maine citizens said, “Enough!” and they began signing the hand-scribed document, which will eventually be archived in the State of Maine Museum.

Please watch the exciting short video documenting hundreds of Mainers signing of the Proclamation of Grievances, a 50 foot scroll, and its journey.

By signing this petition, you can also sign the scroll!

The People of Maine sent strong messages to stop the tyranny at six peaceful “Open Maine” assemblies, which spanned twelve weeks beginning on Patriot’s Day, April 20th.

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Below you will find both a copy of the cover letter to Gov. Janet Mills and a copy of the Proclamation of Grievances.



Dear Governor Mills:

Please find the enclosed copy of the “Proclamation of Grievances,” which hath been signed by hundreds of concerned Maine citizens.

In addition to this list, many citizens have also expressed that they are troubled by the lack of access to an education due to the forced closure of the publicly run and financed school system for our school-aged children. 

The original document, for the time being, is being set aside for safe-keeping, especially since members of the general public have been locked out and do not have access to publicly owned State House.


The People of Maine

c/o Hon. Deborah H. Sanderson, Hon. Heather W. Sirocki, Hon. Paul G. Sutton


Proclamation of Grievances

Augusta, Maine

Saturday, May 30, 2020

When in the Course of human events,

the Government has overreached and violated the

Constitution of the United States of America,

it becomes necessary for the People of Maine

to demand that the Governor immediately

redress her actions and abide by her sworn

Oath of Office or resign from her position.


Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders violate both

the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment and

the Maine Constitution, Article 1, Sections 3, 4, 15, and 19, which guarantee freedoms

concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. 


Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders violate both

the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment and

the Maine Constitution, Article 1, Section 5, which protect members of the public from warrantless  surveillance.


Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders violate the  US Constitution, Article 1, and Maine Constitution, Article III, Distribution of Powers.  Gov. Mills’ Proclamation of Civil Emergency has effectively usurped the legislative and judicial branches of government. 

·         The Separation of Powers is protected by the system of Checks and Balances, which stops each branch of government from becoming omnipotent.

Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders have resulted in the collapse of Maine’s fragile healthcare system and resulted in a generalized and pervasive lack of access to:

•             preventative care

•             follow up for chronic illnesses

•             timely screening/testing and protections protocols in Maine nursing homes leading to high rate of  casualties of Covid-19

·         “Elective “surgeries for life–threatening illnesses, including cancers 


Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders have resulted in:

•             forcing the closure of Maine businesses;

•             collapsing Maine’s economy, which leads to permanent shuttering of Maine businesses;

•             Maine municipalities facing reduced revenues and proposing property tax increases, which will   cause significant hardship on lower income Mainers, seniors on fixed incomes, and the already stressed business community;

•             placing Maine’s tourism industry in jeopardy due to the 14-day quarantine;

•             increasing Maine unemployment; and

·         swamping Maine’s unemployment system, which is still woefully inadequate to handle the volume of claims, and with self-certify policies in place, there is little to no oversight.


Whereas, Governor Mills’ Executive COVID-19 Lockdown Orders have resulted in Government Overreach:

•             The Governor has no authority to create crimes that impose fines and penalties;

•             The Governor is acting alone, with no representation of the people of Maine, in creating policies, which will have a negative impact on our ability to support our families and businesses;

•             The Governor’s policies have inhibited Maine Peoples’ right to access healthcare, dental care, mental health services, addiction support, and …


The Governor has abused her authority by declaring a Civil Emergency,

and has extended the Chief Executive’s emergency powers such that they exceed her authority, and

infringe on our Constitutional Rights.


On this date, Saturday, the 30th of May, in the year 2020,

We, the undersigned People of Maine, hereby formally

Petition our Government for a Redress of our Grievances.