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Governor Jack Markell: Forbid Anne Gryczon from having any further involvement in the animal welfare programs, groups, shelters or rescues in the State of Delaware.

To protect the animals of Delaware from people like Anne Gryczon, former executive director of Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary of Sussex County and all animal hoarders.

To change the Animal Welfare situation in Delaware by investigating Senator Patricia Blevins' relationship with Anne Gryczon and what influence she had on the present laws in place for our animals.  

The picture above is what Anne Gryczon left in Kentucky and was brought to Delaware by Hal Dukes and other members of the Safe Haven Board of Directors without checking her background.  Over 100 animals were killed due to disease and neglect from her hoarding the animals in a County Garage that was meant for county vehicles NOT living beings.  She hid animals in Kentucky AND because Dukes did not do a background check did the same in  Delaware.  Delaware lost a valuable asset that Mary Anne Fleetwood, founder of Safe Haven, had envisioned for the homeless, abandoned and abused animals because Anne Gryczon, Diane Meier and the Board of Directors caused its demise.

We need  strict regulations in selecting who creates the Animal Welfare Laws in our state.  Background checks need to be done so hoarders are not hired at or permitted to start No Kill Shelters.  

Elected officials need to be VOTED into an animal welfare committee by all citizens of the state not just a select few.  The citizens who have been in animal welfare, i.e. volunteers, fosters, donors, etc. should be involved in the laws, not just the few selected by elected officials.

Governor Jack Markell needs:  

1)To prosecute and forbid Anne Gryczon, former Executive Director of Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary of Sussex County, from any future involvement in any state or NATIONWIDE Animal Welfare Programs/groups/shelters/rescues etc..
2) To investigate the Animal Welfare Task Force President Senator Patricia Blevins' involvement with Anne Gryczon and any other possible animal hoarder claiming to be a no kill animal shelter/rescue.
3) To investigate ALL records of Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary of Sussex County, the privately owned kennels Anne Gryczon and Diane Meier used to hide animals due to the Board of Directors only allowing 10-20 dogs but hid 60-70 more in said privately owned kennels.

For a more detailed study on Anne Gryczon, Diane Meier and the board of directors of Safe Haven please visit

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