Save Our Veterans' Cemetery and National Prairie from Trucks and Warehouses

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Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie and Historic Route 66 are under threat of another trucking warehouse development – only this one is five times the size of Midway Airport.

Trucks are already getting lost inside the hallowed cemetery, interrupting funeral processions and even driving over veterans’ graves.

NorthPoint Development's Global Logistics Hub will make an already existing problem much worse because it's enormity promises to bring tens of thousands more trucks to an already congested area.

NorthPoint is a multi-billion-dollar, private company that is using its deep pockets to pressure Illinois Governor Pritzker into seizing control from local governments – governments that have overwhelmingly opposed NorthPoint for four years.

Please sign this petition telling Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to keep control in the hands of local governments and prevent what promises to be tens of thousands more daily trucks, crashes and pollution.

The Department of Veteran Affairs opposes NorthPoint because its proposed bridge would block the cemetery's planned expansion. Frequent semi crashes routinely block funeral processions on highway exit ramps until the crashes are cleared. If the state grants permission, NorthPoint would have carte blanche to destroy the sanctity of where our veterans have chosen to lie in peace.

Please sign this petition telling Governor Pritzker that you stand with our veteran heroes who cannot stand for themselves. Tell him that you stand with conservation efforts and the Mother Road.

Please sign this petition to thank the governor for not succumbing to special interest and greed. Tell the governor that you don't want the communities in Manhattan, Elwood, Wilmington and Joliet, Illinois to be ruined with traffic crashes, tailpipe smog and screeching breaks.

To learn more about the Stop NorthPoint movement, to contribute to the legal fund, or to view the very long list of veterans groups, school districts, municipalities, elected officials and farm bureau groups that oppose NorthPoint, visit

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