Keep 100,000 Chicagoans and Their Families Safe and Healthy This Winter

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Starting January 1st, 100,000+ Chicagoans and Their Families Will Be Cut Off from Essential Services Unless Governor Pritzker Steps In

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Dear Governor Pritzker,

Over 100,000 Chicagoans and their families need your help immediately to continue to get the support they need to stay safe from COVID-19.

These families receive essential services like PPE, food, rent and utilities assistance through a state-funded program called the Critical Health Network. This program provides targeted assistance to at-risk families in the neighborhoods hardest hit by COVID-19 including Pilsen, Little Village, Hermosa, Humboldt Park, Belmont Cragin, Englewood, Chatham, and other Chicago Southside neighborhoods. 

The Critical Health Network has been providing support to these families since May, and many of them rely on the assistance. The program also employs 57 youth ages 16 to 24 who administer the program in their neighborhoods, building connections and gaining valuable skills. 

Cutting the program’s funding on January 1, 2021 will leave thousands of Chicagoans hungry and at risk of losing their homes. They will lose the supports they have been receiving since May that keep them healthy and safe from the virus. Cutting funding will also erase the community networks of trust and support we have built which will be critical for administering the vaccine to Chicago’s underserved Black and Latinx communities. Don’t cut the lifeline! 

Governor Pritzker, $1.6 million is needed to continue supporting these families through what will certainly be a difficult winter and spring. Will you continue to fund the Critical Health Network and ensure that 100,000+ family members stay healthy and safe? We need your help immediately.


The Critical Heath Network (The project is a joint effort by Healthy Hood Chicago, The Alternative Schools Network, Latino Youth High School, Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy, West Town Academy, Aspira – Antonia Pantoja High School and Pedro Albizu Campos High School)

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