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Eastern Washington Businesses deemed non-essential need to be allowed to open back up.

Small businesses account for over 98% of the businesses in Washington State. The economic and financial impact this has made on small businesses has been catastrophic and many will fall to demise if we have to wait much longer.  A large portion of many small businesses are independently owned and do not have the resources afforded to them to keep their businesses afloat during this unprecedented time.  Sadly to date a very large number of small business have not been given any assistance.  Business owners rely on their business income to make ends meet. Governor Inslee's mandate to close non essential businesses has taken away the ability of small business owners to make an income and provide for their families.  Most are loosing their health insurances because premiums cannot be paid, financial obligations cannot be met, and the ability to provide for them selves is non existent with out business income.  The Covid-19 numbers in Eastern Washington are significantly lower and statistics show the curve is flattening out. Business in Eastern Washington should not be held hostage to the West side of Washington State.  Quarantine is meant for the ill, not the well.  We want our constitutional rights acknowledged and respected. Sign this petition today to get small businesses opened back up!