The legalization of cannabis in Indiana

The legalization of cannabis in Indiana

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Started by Sammy J

Hello fellow Hoosiers,

 If you’re like me and as many as 8 out of 10 Hoosiers who are for the full legalization of Cannabis, in this wonderful midwestern state of Indiana. If you’re the Hoosier who’s in pain, who may suffer anxieties, depressions, or many other symptomatic men, women and even some children who will greatly benefit from cannabis use. You may even be one of our highly esteemed, respected military veterans, whom truly needs a break from PTSD and shadowing demons from high stress situations and combat. You may be fathers, mothers, or sons and daughter. You may be lawyers, doctors, police officers or even a preacher.

 It doesn’t matter our walks of life. It doesn’t matter our political siding. What truly matters is our God given right to a plant with thousands of years of medicinal and spiritual use. We are humans. We are citizens of the United States of America. And even closer to home, we’re Hoosiers who demand our right to freely use cannabis. It’s time to end prohibition. It’s time to end the failed and racist war on drugs. It’s time to leave behind a freedomless America, and show what the Founding Fathers envisioned while laying out our Constitution.

 Cannabis has been a part of this country from the beginning, as with many countries and cultures. Indiana is becoming more diverse, more cultural. It’s time to demand a change. This petition is for immediate change, it’s for the truth, and it’s for our God given freedoms as citizens of the United States of America. We ask Governor Holcomb to start being a state leader and not supporting federal over reach. Our state holds the power of change within herself, and we ask everyone to sign. Please, talk to your representatives. Please, talk to your local governments. This prohibition on cannabis and the support of the war on drugs by Holcomb is a direct violation of our personal sovereignty over one’s self and our ability to be free citizens of this republic. Thank you for your time. With upmost respect, I ask YOU to sign.

 I also encourage those scared by the idea, to look at current models of legalization. This country alone has 18 states with recreational cannabis and 36 sates have a medical cannabis system in place. There is also a large world wide push for legalization. Look at the other countries. Mexico and Germany are currently working on recreational. Canada nationally legalized only a couple years ago. I ask you all to keep open minds, look at the numbers and look at the studies. Cannabis is much safer than currently legal and promoted tobacco, alcohol and opioids. It’s much safer than the current line up of anxiety and depression medicines. How many Hoosiers will suffer before realizing there’s a safer and healthier approach to over all health of the mind and body.

 My last issue, which may come to a surprise to some, our very own capital, is recreationally legal for cannabis. Yes, you’ve read this correctly. Washington D.C. has legalized. Congress and even the President can freely consume cannabis but our Hoosier men and women are being thrown in jail and even prison for a plant. Think about that. Thank you for your time. Peace and love fellow Hoosiers. Change will come! 


25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!