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Petitioning Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper and 2 others

Governor Hickenlooper : Please Visit Moffat County Before the November 2013" Secession" Ballot


Moffat County is voting on secession from the State of Colorado in the upcoming November 2013 election.


Letter to
Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper
Speaker of the House Mark Ferrandino
President of Senate John P. Morse (President of Senate)
Please visit Moffat County, in the city of Craig, before November 2013.

As you are now aware, Moffat County voters will have on our November ballot the question of secession from the state of Colorado.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come visit us here in rural Northwest Colorado, to spend some quality time getting to know us and giving us the opportunity to get to know you better as well.

These are trying times for all of Colorado, but especially the rural communities. Your latest offer to "lean in and listen" is a start for us to have true dialogue concerning the specific issues for all Moffat County citizens.

As part of your visit here in Craig, I would ask you to participate in a town hall panel discussion. If Moffat County voters are informed, engaged and are convinced that their voices are not only heard, but taken to heart with positive results, I feel the bonds of what make this great state can be re-established.