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Colorado public schools need to stop accepting federal funding for education

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                     In Colorado the state spends 9,611 dollars per student for education, accounting for 39.5% of state expenditures. The Federal government is only paying ten cents to our dollar, but is controlling almost 100% of our learning. Starting with Common core the Government has controlled exactly what we learn, which then brings us to the required standardized testing. Schools have to be up to a certain level in standardized testing or else they start to loose money and quality rating, this encourages the teachers to teach to the test and not teach to our ever vigorous economy and secondary education. Not to mention since the start of standardized testing the United States has slid from 18th in the world in math to 31st, so in all obviousness it is not helping at all. The individual states have to cater to the Governments criteria about learning taking all the power away from the parents, the teachers and the state. Even though the state is still covering 90% of all funds put towards education. That is why Colorado should stop taking Government funding for education, we would be free as a state again to move back the curriculum to help the students in the rest of their life and future careers instead of teaching only how to take a test. Standardized testing could fly out the window, which is what Finland has done and now they have topped the international education ranking. In conclusion we would loose a small amount of money by cutting our self away from Government funding, but with the ability to finally cater to our own students and parents needs and not loose valuable time with test along with finally having no strings attached to the way teachers teach and the curriculum it is all worth it. 

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