Petitioning Governor of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan

Governor Hassan: Pardon nurse Patricia Smith- the peaceful cannabis felon

Patricia was a dedicated nurse for her entire career. Prior to her arrest, Patricia had a completely clean record. She was convicted of growing medical marijuana for her own use. The judge sentenced Patricia to 2-4 years in prison in addition to large fees for one pound of marijuana- his sentence was unusually severe, even for New Hampshire.  

You can watch videos, read blogs, and websites that focus on the plight of Patricia Smith. 

Patricia Smith became a grandmother while in prison, she has already served 8 months in prison, paid thousands in court fees, and suffered emotional trauma. Patricia Smith is not a criminal- she is a kind and caring hospice nurse and grandmother. Please save taxpayer money and pardon Patricia Smith. 

Letter to
Governor of New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan
Pardon nurse Patricia Smith- the peaceful cannabis felon

Peaceful people should not be labeled as felons, nor should tax dollars be spent to keep good citizens behind bars.