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Create A Nonresident Real Estate Tax For Texas

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More people moved to San Antonio last year than any other metropolitan area in the US. 25, 000 to be exact. Other Texas cities aren't far behind. Most of these transplants came from California. The increased traffic, development, urban sprawl, and congestion is a nightmare. Worst of all are the policies they are trying to force on this area. People from California and New York are trying to make our cities like the dysfunctional ones they are fleeing from, obviously not realizing that such views and policies ultimately create the overwhelming problems they had in their former homes. In San Antonio this egregious problem has even earned the nickname "San Frantonio Syndrome." Furthermore, people from California and China etc. are buying up the Hill Country and other areas. Some are doing so for purposes of development, and some are just buying it up and subdividing into "ranchettes" which drives up land prices and fragments habitat. This continuous influx of people is going to increasingly strain our resources, primarily WATER. Already many springs and creeks no longer flow, especially in the hill country. It has to stop. We need to better preserve what makes Texas "Texas". Cities in Texas need to stop appealing to the companies in these places, and just to these places in general for immigration under the convoluted notion that growth and expansion is somehow beneficial. We need to de-incentivise their immigration. We need the opposite, and fast.

Vancouver had a similar problem with people from China and California buying up all the real estate around the area and driving up the average home price to over half a million dollars. The local residents were left unable to afford a place to live and with general cost of living skyrocketing, they began to slide into poverty. They then passed a non resident real estate tax which shook these foreigners out of their market. It worked well. But now these same investors have turned their sights even more so on Texas (among other places like Seattle and Denver).

Texas should care first and foremost about its own citizens. It should also preserve what defines this great state. This petition proposes that the state of Texas create a 20% real estate tax that is to be paid by anyone who has not been a Texas resident for at least 10 years, and 40% tax to any non resident developer buying wild lands (non residential) for purposes of sub dividing and developing it for housing parcels, industrialization, or businesses. Furthermore, there can be no transfer of title from a resident to a nonresident as an attempt to bypass taxation.

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