Ending CPS corruption and getting Aniya Vasquez home to her loving mother.

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  1. Aniya Blu at 4mo was given the Gardasil shot that’s approved ONLY for 11yo and up. From that moment on she began having adverse reactions that baffled her drs and mother. Texas Children’s hospital says that mom has Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome with zero proof whilst simultaneously Texas children’s hospitals endocrinologist says that she does not believe that Aniya’s symptoms were caused by her mothers alleged Munchhausen... how is it that the same hospital that accuses her of this syndrome has professinals saying the opposite and why did the jury not see these documents by TCH endocrinologist exonerating the mother? They found her guilty without seeing all of the evidence and based off one small alleged failure to medicate the mother for a disorder she does not have. Medical kidnap is very real and taking place in Victoria, Texas. Victoria CPS has told the state and jurors that because Anita, Aniya’s mother, did not take the recommended medications per the safety plan that she would lose her daughter. If it’s not one lie it’s another with this agency who has zero grounds to rip this family apart. Please sign our petition demanding that Governor Greg Abbott halt the removal of this child from her mother permanently until all facts are brought forth. We cannot stand by and allow this to happen. Not to Aniya or the other hundreds of families we continually see this happening to.

”Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing” —MLK Jr


  1. The beginning: Born in Victoria Texas was given a vaccine overdose of GARDASIL 9 along with her 4 month shots which made her sick.

    Texas children's hospital reported to cps they had a healthy baby and couldn't find anything wrong with Aniya therefore blaming the innocent mom of Münchausen by proxy when in facts Texas children's hospital did find Aniya was ill with a pituitary cyst and adrenal insufficiency yet concealed it from CPS allowing CPS to steal a baby who needed medical help and her mother.

    This is fraud and CPS needs to give Aniya back to Anita Nicole now!!!!

  2. Obstruction of justice:  In the case of cause # 17-0180451-A
    > Judge Jack W. Marr committed no due process,
    > abuse of power, official oppression, judicial misconduct,
    > jury & witness badgering, judicial negligence and
    > continues to enable fraud upon the victoria county court.
    > The court allowed attorney Ezekiel
    > "Zeke" Ramos to stand before the court in case #
    > 17-0180451-A on a "motion for continuance" on September 15th
    > 2017 despite this court likely being aware from the District
    > Attorneys office that attorney Zeke Ramos was under a
    > criminal investigation which involved fraud.
    > Jack W. Marr did not sign a motion
    > allowing Attorney Ramos to stand before the court yet
    > allowed Mr. Ramos to stand before the court in case #
    > 17-0180451-A
    > Jack W. Marr did not allow or agree
    > Attorney Zeke Ramos to be dismissed or "withdraw" from case
    > # 17-0180451-A yet continues to determine which other
    > attorneys shall continue or withdraw from case #
    > 17-0180451-A despite the verbal and written termination of
    > attorneys in case # 17-0180451-A in which Jack W. Marr nor
    > the state of Texas is paying for.
    > Jack W. Marr was fully aware of the all
    >  "defendant" in file #
    > 17-0180451-A creating the legal distinction between the natural person & was fully aware of
    > the Declaration of recision of signature yet called these
    > legal documents frivolous knowing they are not frivolous and
    > unlawfully and unconstitutionally continued with the
    > criminal and fraudulent case created by CPS.
    > Jack W. Marr repeatedly stated in court
    > the trial needed to be done in a week and stated there would
    > be bodies laying around if the trial was not finished in a
    > week. Jack W. Marr committed witness and jury badgering by
    > threatening to place the natural person :Anita Nicole:
    > locked in a cage for giving open and free will testimony
    > under oath. Jack W. Marr shut :Anita Nicole: down when she
    > openly admitted to the court she was "under duress" and
    > asked the jury to step out and take a break from the court
    > knowing this would dissolve the case immediately.
    > Jack W. Marr denied indingency status
    > despite being fully aware the monies collected on behalf of
    > the "defendant" was from a community fundraiser and strictly
    > donations. No more money was available and Jack W. Marr
    > continued to allow the denial of indingency. Community
    > donations does not establish ones income.
    > On August 29th 2017 a motion for
    > placement was set for hearing at the Victoria county
    > courthouse and the court acted billigerant stating the
    > motion for placement "got set for August 29. So if it wasn't
    > filed how did it get set for hearing?" Jack W. Marr leads
    > the court to believe there was "no motion for order for
    > placement" despite the hearing the court had already set for
    > the order of motion for placement.
    > On Tuesday October 17th 2017 Jack W.
    > Marr allowed "defendant" to openly and freely give testimony
    > to the court yet threatened the "defendant" to be held in
    > contempt of court on June 21st 2018 when given freely, open
    > testimony to the court. Jack W. Marr also allowed the free
    > will to terminate attorney Zeke Ramos but is choosing not to
    > allow the free will to terminate atty Chris Lynn Branson.
    > This is absurd, unprofessional and unethical.
    > On Tuesday October 17th 2017 Jack W.
    > Marr confronted Atty Merri Nichols stating, "It would be a
    > really good idea from now on if, and I, Mrs. Nichols, I'm
    > going ---I'm going to focus on you. If you have got
    > something to file, file it. Mrs. Merritt advised yesterday
    > that---that she understood there wasn't going to be a
    > hearing today. She advised that when I started trying to
    > find out what he hearing was suppose to be about, I find
    > that there's nothing to hear." Jack W. Marr adds, "Not only
    > do we have a setting on a hearing on a motion that hasn't
    > ever been filed, but we also have issues about legal
    > representation." Jack W. Marr stated he was going to report
    > attorney Zeke Ramos to the District Attorneys office and to
    > the state bar of Texas for possibly unethical conduct and
    > criminal conduct yet chooses not to report CPS for the
    > fraudulent, criminal acts they continue to commit despite
    > the evidence filed in case # 17-01-80451-A.
    > Also on Tuesday October 17th 2017, Jack
    > W. Marr was fully aware that CPS & attorney Merri
    > Nichols had called off expert witnesses and was "trying to
    > pass that hearing or reset that hearing is not 3:00 in the
    > afternoon the day before the hearing. And I hope that
    > that's all I need to say on that subject. Because when we
    > have a matter that set on the docket and particularly where
    > the Department had witnesses that were coming in and could
    > have been a substantial expense to the department is--not to
    > mention an inconvenience to those civilians, to start
    > suddenly deciding we are not going to have a hearing two
    > hours before quitting time the day before the hearing isn't
    > good. Next thing that y'all need to remember is the court
    > sets the hearing times." Why is Judge Jack W. Marr allowing
    > the Department (CPS) and attorney Merri Nichols to act like
    > the court by setting and resetting hearing times and calling
    > or calling off expert witnesses? Jack W. Marr adds," Judge
    > Williams set this date as a date for this hearing. Y'all
    > don't get to unilaterally say we're not going to have a
    > hearing and we are not going to bring our clients and our
    > witnesses. That's the courts business. Now, if you
    > contact the court as efficient amount of time in order for
    > the court and it staff to make sure that that's not going to
    > meet with objection by opposing parties, that's one thing
    > and that's fine. Two hours -- at the last two hours of the
    > working day before the hearing isn't it and I'm assuming
    > that this kind of conduct is not going to occur again.
    > Because if it does occur again then I'm going to consider
    > that kind of contact to be contemptuous of the court's
    > authority and to be disruptive of the courts ability to
    > control its docket and I'm going to deal with it
    > accordingly." Jack W. Marr allowed The Department and Atty
    > Merri Nichols to act on behalf of the courts authority, to
    > be disruptive of the courts ability to control its docket
    > and allowed them to be in contempt of the court by acting as
    > if they were the court.
    > Jack W. Marr gives warning to the
    > Department and attorney Merri Nichols to be disruptive of he
    > court, allows them to act like they are in control of the
    > courts dockets and gives them a verbal warning. Jack W. Marr
    > is fully aware of the Departments contract made in fraud and
    > of the criminal robbery the Department continues to make and
    > does nothing to dissolve these criminal acts. This is a
    > heinous crime and Jack W. Marr is enabling this fraudulent
    > and criminal acts upon the court. 
  3. Texas Children’s Hospital corruption: 

    Texas Children's told CPS on 5/1/2018 they could not find a clear cAuse of Aniya's low sodium or weight problems despite having first hand knowledge of Aniya's pituitary cyst on 4/22/2018 and Aniya's failed cortisol test on 4/24/2018 which both cause low sodium and can lead to fluid & electrolyte and problems /gaining weight, issues.

    TEXAS CHILDRENS CLAIMED "unfounded concerns" and concealed Aniya's found pituitary cyst and adrenal insufficiency

    While at the hospital

    Medicaid REFUSED to pay for the hospital bill because Aniya's labs were normal by 5/1/2018 and she had in act gained weight and was stable and doing fine.

    TCH found the diagnosis but hid it from Anita at the hospital telling me everything was "normal" and they could not find anything. They recommended us to stay another week to "make sure" Aniya's sodium did not fall again.

    We were tricked into staying when their plan was to hold us there until CPS came and stole Aniya.

    Again TCH tried to bill Medicaid and Medicaid REFUSED again because they did not find a reason TCH held Aniya during the set up time they were using CPS to cover up their medical negligence from over correcting Aniya's sodium in February 2017

  4. Proof from Aniya’s endocrinologist that Anita did not suffer from Munchhausen By Proxy and concludes why she lacked sodium and too much water intake. QUOTED “ ALSO Dr. Nadia Merchant is a pediatric endocrinologist who also diagnosed Aniya with having adrenal insufficiency, prescribed medications and ordered informed discharge instructions referring to adrenal insufficiency education which was neglected by CPS on MAY 14, 2017 
  5. Second report adrenal insufficiency REPORT QUOTED “I saw an evaluated the patient and discussed the case with the fellow. Impression and plan reviewed and discussed. I have personally participated in care, including Hx/PE/Imp/Plan. I agree with above note. I have personally reviewed above note and made additions to body of note above as needed.
    Recurrent hyponatremia with appropriate decrease in urinary sodium to undetectable concentration indicating adequate renin aldosterone secretion and action. Unlikely SIADH given the fact that in SIADH sodium excretion is normal and urinary sodium concentrations are typically elevated. Even when her urinary osmolality was 700mos/kg her urinary sodium concentration was still undetectable. The one time elevated urinary osmolality despite decreased serum osmolality in the setting of low urinary sodium concentration is likely due to stimulation of ADH secretion due to hypotension. The rest of her osmolality measurements have been appropriate.
    Her Adrenal response to ACTH testing is abnormal (expected response is 550 nM or 19.6 ug/dl). Adrenal insufficiency can lead to isolated hyponatremia secondary to an increase in free water retention due to a stimulatory effect of low cortisol concentration on CRH, the loss of cortisol suppression of ADH and the low blood pressure which stimulates ADH secretion and override the suppressive effect of hypoosmolality on ADH secretion. In essence, adrenal insufficiency is a state of “inappropriate ADH secretion” in an effort to maintain intravascular volume at the cost of hyponatremia.
    I am less convinced that this child’s hyponatremia is due to excessive water intake which should not lead to hyponatremia in a 14 month old or reduced salt intake given the fact that her weight has increased which means her caloric intake is adequate (in turn her sodium intake should be adequate). In addition, I discussed the issue with her grandmother who describes an adequate appetite, she is mixing formula correctly and the child is getting a decent amount of baby food.
    Given the above, I am inclined to consider adrenal insufficiency as a possible cause of recurrent hyponatremia. I have to admit that it is a bit unusual to see hyponatremia in the setting of mildly decreased adrenal function. I plan on repeating the ACTH stim on Monday and if marginal consider insulin induced hypoglycemia as a gold standard test. Alternatively, we can treat with hydrocortisone and give her time to see if her hyponatremia resolves. The more I think about this child’s situation the more I am convinced that this is not due to Munchausen by proxy.
    George Jeha, MD
    X2527 (GJ1.1)
  6. Please call these numbers and report the corruption: 
  7. TEXAS AG 512-463-1800
  8. CONSUMER RELATIONS 1-800-720-7777
  9. INSPECTOR GENERAL 1-800-436-6184 (report CPS FRAUD and the investigators / 


    Supervisor Nicole Green

    CPS coordinator Megan Morales-361-212-9035

    CPS supervisor jarlene Ross

  10. CPS investigator Ashley Dygert And investigator Nicki Nagel
    +1 (361) 571-4782

  11. LISTEN THIS IS CRUCIAL AND I NEED EVRRYONE TO UNDERSTAND... the office of the Inspector General will take the complaints but they want names phone number!! 
  12. STATE COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL CONDUCT 877-228-5750 (report corrupt judge Jack Marr as aforementioned) 
  13. TEXAS STATE BAR GRIEVANCE 1-800- 932-1900 (report Chris Branson) 

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