Allow closure and/or distance learning for public schools in Texas

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Please allow public School Districts in Texas with presumptive positive COVID-19 cases to close schools and/or utilize all available distance learning options to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

We need TEXAS to focus on taking action NOW to slow down COVID-19 and help prevent further transmission in our communities.  Right now the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading within our State.  Heightened sanitation practices alone are proving inadequate to limit the spread. The proliferation in the United States is following the same course as it did in China, South Korea, Japan, Italy and other countries.  New cases are being confirmed in outbreak areas.   Community transmission of COVID-19 is showing up in nearly every community near an outbreak.  COVID-19 is already here in Texas. Let's at least try to slow down community transmission and limit the impact. 

SCHOOLS are hotbeds for virus transmission.  The close proximity in classrooms, dining halls and other crowded areas will inevitably increase infection rates.  The virus may lay dormant in the body for two weeks before symptoms emerge and COVID-19 is transmissible even from people without symptoms.   Many students may already be infected and could bring the virus to school after Spring Break when families return from travel (even travel to areas not identified as CDC level 2 or 3, such as Egypt, has led to infection).  

Although the virus may not be particularly lethal to many of the students, who are young and healthy, some students are medically fragile, and this virus can be deadly to them.  In addition, many students go home to vulnerable adults, such as grandparents or immunosuppressed family members.  Let’s not forget the virus affects teachers and staff as well! 

Countries around the world and communities within the USA have shut down schools to slow the proliferation and protect children and communities.  We want TEXAS to ACT NOW to protect children, families, teachers, staff, healthcare workers, frontline workers, and all citizens!  

We are petitioning Governor Abbott and TEA Commissioner Mike Morath, to grant the necessary exemptions and allow public School Districts to close schools and/or use any and all available remote teaching and online options to continue student learning during the COVID-19 public health emergency. 

The COVID-19 outbreak had already taken 3,800+ lives and infected 109,000+ people around the world.  The number of infections and deaths recorded in our country are increasing daily!  TEXAS has to be PROACTIVE and TAKE ACTION NOW to keep our students, families and communities safe.  Please sign this petition to help protect our kids, our families, and our community.








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