Free Terrel Barros, Wrongfully Convicted, Serving 2 Life Sentences Plus 30 Years

Free Terrel Barros, Wrongfully Convicted, Serving 2 Life Sentences Plus 30 Years

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On the night of August 26, 2012, Terrel Barros was arrested in Providence, Rhode Island outside of the Monet Lounge nightclub, after a shooting in the parking lot that resulted in the wounding of one victim and the death of another. Although Stephen Bodden was the actual shooter, Terrel Barros was charged with the murder of Jamal Cruz. A little under a year later, a jury found Terrel guilty and a judge sentenced him to 2 consecutive life sentences plus 30 years for a murder that he did not commit. 

Directly after the shooting, Terrel Barros and Stephen Bodden jumped into Terrel's car. Police officers found Stephen Bodden in the passenger seat trying to conceal a gun in the passenger’s side door. Stephen Bodden confessed to the arresting officer upon apprehension. Officers at the scene that night said Cruz — who was drunk, high, and near-death — identified Terrel Barros as the shooter before he died. A jury found Barros guilty of murder, assault with a deadly weapon and related firearms charges for which he was given two consecutive life sentences plus 30 years. Despite this, for years after the shooting Bodden has reaffirmed that spontaneous outburst, confessing to numerous individuals that he was the actual shooter.

Terrel was convicted off of the following testimonies:

  1. Gregory Zorabedian: the sole eyewitness, initially claimed he did not see the shooting, but then changed his testimony 6 days before the trial to say he saw Terrel do it.
    --> There is a signed letter signed by the Asst. Attorney General to Gregory Zorabedian promising not to charge him for perjury should he alter his testimony 6 days before trial. 
    --> Zorabedian has an extensive criminal history of almost 30 years, including prior convictions for: living off of earnings of a prostitute, grand larceny, DUI causing death, cocaine possession, burglary, theft, escape, etc.
  2. Detective Charles Matracia: says that Cruz, the deceased, identified Terrel as the shooter in a show-up by nodding: a dying declaration. 
    --> Cruz was also under the influence (BAC of .162) and was suffering from a fatal gunshot wound to the stomach.
    --> Both Stephen Bodden and Terrel Barros were wearing white t-shirts and darker pants, and there were multiple people in the friend group that was standing near the shooting with long black braids. 
    --> Rokiem Henley, the other victim, was shot in the leg and is still alive today. Henley was not asked or given a show-up by detectives that night although he was not fatally wounded. 

Other supporting evidence to Terrel Barros’ innocence:

  1. Ballistic evidence proves that the shot was made from no more than 18 inches away. Gregory Zorabedian testified that Terrel Barros was never closer than 15 feet away and Rokeim Henley testified that the only person standing that close to Cruz was Bodden.
  2. Stephen Bodden was caught red-handed with the gun in his hand trying to conceal it. 
  3. Upon arrest, Stephen Bodden confessed to the arresting officer that, “It's me. It's all me. It's all mine.” 
  4. Stephen Bodden testified that Terrel Barros did not give him the gun and then directly afterwards, pleaded his 5th amendment right. The judge sustained his plea and he was not required to finish the testimony. 
    --> This begs the question: if Terrel Barros did not hand him the gun, then where could he have gotten it as he was caught red-handed with it himself?
  5. There were multiple participles of GSR found on Stephen Bodden's clothing, while only lead, a very common particle, was found on Terrel Barros in the area that he was pushed to the ground when he was arrested. 
  6. Some people have signed affidavits claiming that Stephen Bodden told them that he was the shooter that night. 
  7. Multiple other people who were friends with Stephen Bodden have come forward and claimed that Stephen told them that it was him who shot Jamal Cruz and Rokeim Henley that night. 
  8. Stephen Bodden wrote a song titled, “Letter to Terrel,” in which he admits guilt for the time in prison that Terrel Barros is serving. 
  9. The DNA expert, Cara Lupino, gave a clearly pro-prosecution DNA testimony in which she implicated that Terrel's DNA was on the gun although his DNA was completely and entirely excluded. Stephen's DNA, on the other hand, could not be excluded, and there was a DNA mixture on the pistol grip that contained a DNA profile that matched Stephen Bodden's. 

The facts of this case are overwhelmingly clear. Terrel Barros did not murder Jamal Cruz, and he has been imprisoned for 8 years for a crime which he did not commit. We call on Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo and the entire Rhode Island criminal justice system to immediately support the exoneration of Terrel Barros and right the injustices that have sentenced an innocent man to a prison sentence of two consecutive life terms plus 30 years. Justice must finally be served, Terrel must be given his freedom back. 

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